No. 2 - Desserts

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Our second edition of Foodie Dice – Dessert Dice – is for bakers and pastry chefs. Challenge yourself by creating a new recipe inspired by your roll, or find and follow a recipe and edit to include the ingredients you rolled. Either way you’ll discover new flavor combinations and favorites.

  • Includes 6 dice (dessert type, sweetener, fruit, flavor, spice, and extras)
  • Over 46,000 possible combinations

Here’s what you might be baking if you rolled the dice:
pudding/custard / coconut sugar / dark chocolate / cardamom / soft cheese
pie/tarte / brown sugar / apple/pear / caramel / nutmeg

    What's on the dice

    What's on the Dessert Dice


    • Dice measure 3/4" each
    • Pouch with dice measures 3 x 5"
    • Birch wood dice are laser-engraved in the USA

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