No. 4 - Salad Dressings

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Ever get frustrated with store-bought dressings? We sure did. They’re expensive and not even very good. But it turns out that it’s easy to make your own, and these dice will teach you how. Just give them a roll and mix each component according to the ratios in the instructions. Use your dressings on traditional salads, or add leftover grains, veggies and proteins to the mix for a fast and easy lunch or dinner with lots of flavor.

  • Includes 5 dice (oil/base, acid, emulsifier, extra, sweetener*) 
  • The dice are numbered to make following the instructions easy

Here’s what you might be dressing your salad with if you rolled the dice:
sesame oil / lemon / mustard / shallots
olive oil / balsamic vinegar / avocado / garlic / honey*


    What's on the dice

    • Dice measure 3/4" each
    • Pouch with dice measures 2.75 x 4"
    • Birch wood dice are laser-engraved in the USA

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